Naming Days


What is the significance of a name?


“A name is about the most personal thing you can give a child. It is worth thinking about what the name should be. One day, you can be sure that your child will ask you why you chose it.” Emily Wood

“A name, once given will be associated forever with a face, a voice, a walk, a laugh and all the other individual characteristics family and friends will come to recognise” Anon.

The ceremonial naming of a child and welcoming into a family is firmly entrenched in cultures old and new. A name often defines who you are. It links the child with its family and their cultural background, symbolically affirming the child’s arrival as a valued addition to the family and also society.

For today’s multicultural and diverse family units, a naming day allows the freedom to include a variety of elements and a range of rituals into the ceremony. It can be simple or elaborate. The naming day ceremony is also the opportunity to acknowledge godparents, guardians or mentors for your child.

It is my pleasure and delight in collaborating with you to create and perform the naming ceremony at your chosen location in Nowra or anywhere within Shoalhaven.